Event - 1

Safety Measures in Two-Wheeler Mobility in Developing Countries

Hosted by Marwadi University, Rajkot

Date : 16th to 18th October, 2023

About the event :

As per World Health Organization, the number of lives lost in India in road accidents is nearly 150,000 yearly. Of these, around 50% of them are caused by two-wheelers accidents. This is because, in R10 (India, South Asia), a two-wheeler costs less than 1000 USD and is necessary for everyday earnings and daily activities rather than being a luxury vehicle for biking. Being a thin-profile vehicle, the inherent safety mechanisms in two-wheelers are significantly less. Also, being cost-sensitive, computationally extensive devices such as GPUs cannot be installed in two-wheelers. Given the chaotic/less-disciplined traffic on the roads, ensuring two-wheeler safety in the increasing traffic scenario is extremely important. Safety is a primary mission that must be addressed at any stage. Therefore, this tutorial promotes two-wheeler safety in developing countries (especially R10). This includes demonstrating technical features, identifying research challenges, and bringing social awareness about its importance in society.